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Another Golden Nugget
February 29, 2008, 4:42 pm
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I guess the Chicken Littles of the world don’t want to told they’re wrong and the sanctity of Al (the Saviour) Gore is being challenged.


We Have the Answer
February 28, 2008, 5:30 pm
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We now know how to achieve a balance of payments solution. It all hinges on the US automakers being willing to cut production of family cars. Yes I know that the Japanese have been eating our lunch in that category. Even we have an Infinity. Face it folks, who wants to drive a Ford when you can drive a Volvo? Would you rather drive a Chevy or a Lexus?

We have been handed the solution on a silver platter, and at the price of silver now, it’s a good thing. The only stumbling block is the environmental wackos wanting to shut down civilization. With the global cooling that is coming, I’d think they’d come around though.

What we need to do is crank up the output of pick-ups from the auto makers. The British love these things. Think of it. Who wants to drive a “family saloon” when you can get a real red-neck icon.


Stupid Law Suits

I guess the trial lawyers are still alive and well in Alaska. I guess that if they think there’s a buck to be gotten from anyone, they’ll go after big oil. Where else would anyone look for a handout other than one of the companies that had already been demonized by the media for the big oil spill.

“The city of Kivalina …is built on an 8-mile (13-kilometer) barrier reef between the Chukchi Sea and Kivalina River.”(edited)

Well, normally a barrier reef is composed chiefly of coral. Coral won’t grow this far north so I can only assume that this “barrier reef” is an alluvial bar deposited by the river in the immediate location. What did the Bible say about building a house on sand? To me, it looks like a personal problem but with the lawyers getting involved that becomes our problem.

Since they are claiming that the oil companies are at fault for this, my solution is simple. Natives have switched over from their traditional methods of survival to relying on snowmobiles, outboard motors, generators, and other conveniences such as kerosene lamps and oil heaters. Make them go back to their native ways, and cut off all fuel access to them.


Right Wing Conspiracy
February 24, 2008, 6:42 pm
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Hillary’s campaign is spiraling downward. Her actions seem as if she has turned into an angry dog snapping at the media and everyone who disagrees with her.

Somehow I’m not surprised considering she thought she would be the next incarnation of FDR. Something went awry though. The young charismatic mixed race gentleman from, of all places, her home state has stolen her lunch.

What are we to see in this? To begin with, she can say it is the will of the people that Obama would get the nomination, or she can claim the right wingers have caused this.

What would be the reasoning behind that? Let me put this spin on it. We will have a very liberal Socialist as President enacting a far left Socialist agenda. The public gets fleeced for the next four years with mandatory health care, restrictions in output of CO2 and everything else connected with the Kyoto Treaty that he definitely will sign, higher fuel costs, higher taxes, fewer individual freedoms such as gun control, yes they will confiscate your guns, and many more, what will be the outcome for the Democrats?

Do you remember the revolution that cost the Democrats both Houses during the Clinton administration? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. If this comes to pass, there will definitely be a third party and the Dem’s will be relegated to number three.

Today’s Rant
February 14, 2008, 2:44 pm
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I posted this in answer to a post I received by a couple of the GW Socialists;

“I have far less doubt of being buried in the accumulating pile of garbage leaking toxins into the ground water than I do of a degree or two of any Global Warming caused by man or natural cycles baking and drowning us.
When it comes to the media, they do what it takes to sell their story. Whether that story is truth or fiction. The media has been handed ticking bombs before.
In other posts, I’ve stated the importance of the sun in our weather. Some people minimize that for some reason unknown to me. We are entirely dependent on the sun for our existence. ALL of our weather is controlled by that star. All of the energy that has been produced and is being produced now is a direct result of that star. The only exception is the life that exists at the mid ocean trenches which derive their energy from the heat and chemicals spewed out from the center of the earth.
If the sun didn’t exist, there would be no “green-house” effect. As a matter of fact, if the sun didn’t exist, we wouldn’t either.
If global warming were real, if there were a viable technological way to minimize and control it, if the movement was not entirely driven politically, why then does the UN not put pressure on China, India, and other developing and polluting nations to adopt the new technology so this problem can be averted?
Why is the US the evil entity in this equation? We have done more to clean up our environment of water, land, and air. Are we supposed to bankroll the rest of the world to do the same? Are we supposed to pay to clean our house and that of our neighbors too?”

I give up
February 13, 2008, 4:28 pm
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February 13, 2008, 4:16 pm
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Oh what is Hillary going to do? Obama is ahead and she now has to face the facts that the party may swing the uncommitted and super delegates to him.

What do you think the motivation is for the popularity of Obama? Well, he’s the biggest thing since the Beatles, and he does have the black voters behind him. Not only that, but the southern white men are backing him. Is it possible that since Bill’s administration, there has been enough of the absolute disdain for this group shown by the Clintons, that they will never allow her to be crowned?

I think there is another possibility. In the caucuses, the voter can go in, change parties, and vote. Do you think there are enough republicans and independents who have infiltrated in order to sink her nomination and get Obama the spot since they think he won’t be elected? Could this be another “Right Wing Conspiracy”?

Personally, I don’t believe this is the case. I think there is a general disdain for the heir to the Clinton legacy.


Now for something completely different.

If I have posted this before, it’s worth repeating.

If you think the subject of Global Warming due to the actions of man is settled, think again.
What will you do with your rebate?
After looking at what we owe, I’m of the opinion we’re going to use ours to pay that bill. That would give us a net of about $650.00. Some rebate huh? That brings me back to the Fair Tax. Well, due to the power hungry politicians, I have doubts this will ever pass. However, I’ll never give up hope. If it did pass, everyone could see exactly how much goes into the governmental pocket. That’s what the powers that be don’t want you to see.
Hopefully, you’ll go out and buy, Fair Tax, the Truth. You can then dispel the ignorance that is so prolific about the issue.
McCain Feingold
If the Democrats want to go after Bush for something he can be impeached on, think of the absurdity of this bill. Neal Boortz brought this up today. The bill was passed in 2002 and at the time, Bush said he thought the bill was Unconstitutional and signed it anyway. Didn’t he promise to uphold and protect the Constitution in the Inaugural Oath?

Invest in Alcohol

Whoa, I just looked at today’s grain prices. Corn was at $5.08. If you figure that under today’s distillation plant efficiency of producing 2.8 gallons of ethanol per bushel of corn, ethanol is at $99.75 per barrel. I think oil is less than that, at $91.94.

Now, as you can see, ethanol isn’t any cheaper than oil, so why do you pay less at the pump for E10? Well, you are paying more. Not only do you get worse mileage with E10, but the government subsidizes production. Add to that the increased price of corn based product, you can begin to understand the dilemma.

So, why do we insist on using ethanol and why are the powers that be pushing E85? Well, there is the problem of the oil supply and the restrictions on drilling for new oil in this country. Add to that the environmentalists complaining about global warming drowning the polar bears and the Democrats complaining about the Republicans wanting to drown them out because they mostly live on the coasts, you can see what we are up against.

The farmers aren’t complaining because they’re getting more for their product. I wouldn’t either. They’ve been underpaid for so long that most have quit farming and sold out to the corporations who can afford the high cost machinery for industrial farming. Even the corporate farms weren’t living high.

Farming is a peculiar business. You’re captive to the weather and if you don’t guess right, you can starve. It takes a lot of guts and faith to go into farming. You’re also captive to the government and the markets. You can plant a crop in the spring expecting to get a good return since last year’s market was up, then either get ruined by hail, flood, fire, or a drop in the market. Yep, these guys got guts.

If you are sitting on your butt watching TV and you reach for a beer, think if what goes into it. Barley, corn, rice(Budweiser), hops, all produced by farmers. Grab a hot dog. Beef, chicken, pork, turkey, all produced by farmers. Even the condiments, Catsup- tomatoes, vinegar, spices, produced by farmers. Mustard- yep, mustard seed grown by farmers. Potato chips, corn chips, almost everything you put in your mouth with the exception of salt, comes from some kind of farm, orchard, plantation, or facility entirely dependent on farming. The only seeming exception to that would be seafood, which in the literal sense is produced by someone doing the same job as a farmer, which is putting food on your table.

So the next time you hear someone describe our section of the country as the fly-over part, just say starve then you ignorant bastard! And I hope you run out of gas!