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January 31, 2008, 5:18 pm
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I unsubscribed to Washington Post and New York Times. I got to the point that the people who write comments are most of the problem our country has now. I’ve never seen or read a plethora of leftist garbage that these losers propound.

This country has become a kindergarten of whiners and momma’s boys (and girls) who want to be “taken care of”. They want free health care, minimum income, and permission to do whatever they want morally and spiritually.

Whatever happened to the call Kennedy  made for self sacrifice and service? Granted, there are those who have chosen to follow that call forty years later. They have volunteered for the military, the Peace Corp, and other organizations not necessarily connected with the government. These are the people who actually carry the torch of freedom and independence.

Please let those people know that you appreciate their service. Write to them and if they have email, let them know you care.


January 29, 2008, 6:58 pm
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It’s going to be -2 tonight. I’m freezing my butt off due to this global warming crap. I just hope the furnace don’t go out again.

From the news coverage, all the Democrats are saying that their opponents are crooked and unelectable. They are  so intent on tearing each other down that they aren’t paying attention to the real world. If Obama loses to Hillary, will he vote for a Republican? Anyway, it’s a thought.

What about if Obama wins? Who will Hillary vote for? Could you imagine her backing Romney? I could see her going for McCain since he’s closer to the left than any of the others. He was in the military so that would be a turn off for her.

I can’t see Edwards gaining anywhere. He’s consistently come in third in this dance and the  only thing he really has is the arrogance to claim he will force the Congress to go on Social Security and give up it’s perks. Yeh, like that’s really going to happen.

The Republicans aren’t in much better shape. There are a few things that if packaged right could be a great candidate.  Take the Fair Tax which Huckabee backs, Border and Immigration Control that several back, Romney’s business sense, and a few other items, give that to Condi Rice and just dare the wackos to compete with that. Of course, trying to get Dr. Rice to run would be the stumbling block but wouldn’t she be great?

Think of the possibilities. She’s a strong, intelligent, woman, who is conservative, and can express herself well. She would trump Hillary and Obama.

Banging Head on Wall
January 28, 2008, 3:18 pm
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Is there something in the water that is not affecting me? The Democrats are running against Bush and Reagan, the Global Warming crowd has turned it’s collective brain off, and the media is giving way too much time to Clinton and Obama.

The Republican Party has drifted left, the Democrats have drifted further left and are close to the edge. Has this country lost it’s independent spirit? Has “Big Nanny Government” taken over our lives? Logic has left the building.